Hair and Scalp Blend – to condition, grow your hair and perk up your scalp:

Your hair is your crowning glory, but can be the source of major headaches and problems, when your hair and scalp is not working properly and you are left with limp, dead and lifeless hair. Onion Shampoo is made as a remedy for baldness, poor hair growth, poor hair quality, dandruff, psoriasis or any other medical condition that you may be suffering from, but if you have tried all other remedies without success, you may want to consider giving this natural therapy a try.The selection of essential oils and herbs were made to cover the greatest range of problems that people normally have with their hair – from thin, dry fly-away hair, oily greasy hair that mockingly re- appear only hours after being washed, dandruff that doesn’t want to leave you or a simple un- satisfaction with the quality of your hair in general.



Removes dandruff, promote hair growth, softens the skin, invigorates the lifeless small hair and imparts natural luster. It gives your hair a smooth, sleek and wet look with a natural shine, penetrates deep into the hair to strengthen it and leaves the scalp healthy.



Onion Shampoo helps in curing scalp problems and reduces hair loss.

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of the active ingredient of the shampoo help to heal and soothe itchy scalp and prevents dandruff.

It cleanses the hair and scalp of dirt, excess oil and dead cells.

It nourishes the hair shaft with nutrient and hair proteins.

It deeply moisturizes each hair strand, making it soft and smooth. It restores the moisture level of the hair and scalp.

It restores the essential oils of the scalp and hair.

It repairs and strengthens the hair follicles and roots leaving a healthy and strong hair. It has cooling effect on the scalp.

It gently gets rid of dandruff and leaves soft, manageable and lustrous hair.

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